How i can be Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)?

Chief Information Security Officer is one of the top elite position for every security professionals to reach. CISO is a head of Security for an organization, he leads the organization security in process of Implementation, Analysis, Monitoring and Upgradation.

CISO Roles and Responsibilities 

As the head of IT security, he has various responsibilities that includes

  • Appoint and guide a team of IT security experts
  • Create a strategic plan for the deployment of information security technologies and program enhancements
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to establish an IT security risk management program
  • Supervise development of corporate security policies, standards and procedures
  • Integrate IT systems development with security policies and information protection strategies
  • Audit existing systems and provide comprehensive risk assessments
  • Anticipate new security threats and stay-up-to-date with evolving infrastructures
  • Spearhead education programs focused on user awareness and security compliance
  • Monitor security vulnerabilities, threats and events in network and host systems
  • Develop strategies to handle security incidents and coordinate investigative activities
  • Act as a focal point for IT security investigations and direct a full investigation with recommended courses of action
  • Prioritize and allocate security resources correctly and efficiently
  • Prepare financial forecasts for security operations and proper maintenance cover for security assets
  • Provide leadership, training opportunities and guidance to personnel
  • Work with senior management to ensure IT security protection policies are being implemented, reviewed, maintained and governed effectively

Prerequisites to become a CISO

  • Knowledge in Security Compliance
  • Knowledge on Governance, Risk Assessment and Compliance
  • Knowledge relating to Security Testing and Auditing
  • Knowledge on Security Framework and Analysis
  • Knowledge on various Security malware and ¬†Technology
  • Knowledge on management


Minimum Certifications

  • CISM
  • CISA
  • C-CISO
  • CSMP

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